Realtime NTP and offsets over load


I scheduled my NTP daemon realtime. I figure it is a good idea to do if you can afford it, since that way other daemons on the server do not raise offsets. I don’t have enough hits to NTP to make it take much away from my private VPS that I namely use for a private IPSEC server for my phone amongst a few other things. IPv4 is added as 10MiBit and IPv6 is added ad 100MiBit but I’m more interested in private users. I also scheduled some priority to udp port 123 over many other things but on 1-10 GiBit I see no performance loss. I feel these are good measures to have in place. Offsets over load. What do you all think. I seem to have offsets around d 1-2ms with about 2000 requests a second. As a test I took 34 thousand requests a second and offsets rose to nearly 15ms.

Noah McNallie stratum 2

Currently this VPS is paid for a year and a half and adding funds periodically.