Minor new features on the website

@HAHAHAHA The second number is this servers relative fraction of the total “netspeed” for all (active) servers in that country. The number in parentheses is the ratio between the two.

For most countries the ratio is between 0.75x and 0.9x (no matter the netspeed of the server), which I think is an indictor of how many queries are sent to servers in other countries than where the user is. (I think this is from use of explicit regional zones, though I haven’t analyzed this to find out).

The traffic permyriad (the first number) is over the last 48-72 hours (last 3 24 hour periods, including the current day UTC); the netspeed permyriad (second number) is “real time” (minus some ~30 minute caching on the CDN), so the ratio is inaccurate for a few days after changing the netspeed.