Looking for Operator with NTS Enabled

I have a Stratum 1 with both 123 / udp and the NTS 4460 / TCP open.

I am looking for operators with Stratum 1 Servers with NTS who want to test with the new NTS RFC

Those interested send me their host to admin@skynetcloud.site to add them to my list of servers.

My Server for NTS is: ntp.skynetcloud.site

Thank you.

Is there a Howto on setting up NTS (server side) available somewhere?

It depends on the server software. NTPsec, chrony.conf(5) 4.0, cfnts does not seem to have one but has a script and test files directory. I have not looked at other implementations.

NTS time service sporadically up at www.jamesb192.com, except when it is down or I forget to copy certificates or…

Martin Langer described how to configure ntpsec for NTS.