Illogical/potentially abusive Amcrest camera default NTP configuration

I discovered 3 years ago with the first Amcrest SmartHome AD110 doorbell that it’s NTP configuration has a default single IP of with an update of every 5 minutes. Their newer AD410 doorbell has the exact same configuration as likely all their other SmartHome ASH cameras do. These are very popular devices with probably several thousand installations.

Their SmartHome mobile app doesn’t provide any way to change time settings other than the time zone so the vast majority of users are clueless about this config. Other software, including their HTTP API can adjust these NTP settings, but this isn’t documented for SmartHome users, only for Amcrest’s other line of cameras (which don’t have this same config).

I have made recommendations in the Amcrest Forum (in this post) on how to change these settings. Supposedly this information is also being passed on to Amcrest but that is very unlikely to achieve any result.

I’m wondering if NTP Pool org has any sway in contacting Amcrest if this is serious enough to address?