How could I get statistics and maybe a nice ui for my ntp server?

By statistics I mean amount of queries, and maybe in a graph. Have seen it around just not sure how to do it

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How much “nice” it have to be ? :slight_smile:
You can setup some full “blown” monitoring with fany UI and a database server as backend or you can setup something simple.

I’m using Munin to monitor my server. For the NTP Server i’m using the ntp_packets plugin.

There’re also some Chrony Plugins (with example graphs)


Sounds good, thanks! I saw a couple options for ntpd but not for chrony so nice to see someone else that uses chrony

for load curves - when i configured munin for this years ago there was no ntp load plugin, so we did a firewall rule doing the counting and let munin graph that one.

Alternatively you could use packages like rrdtool and make your own graphs with them.

And if “nice gui” also means administration and configuration of your ntp, companies like Meinberg will happily sell you boxes that have all that.

If you are ok with ansible and running Fedora or similar, there is an ansible role I use for public NTP servers, which installs and configures chrony, collectd, iptables and rrdgraph to collect and plot some statistics, including NTP packet rates.

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I tend to agree, performance plots with chrony are not obvious or easy.

munin is and netdata are both good with their respective plugins for chrony but they only provide general statistics output from chronyc.

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