Feedback: Why is my NTP Server costing me $500 per year?

We shall actually encourage people in scientific institutions to set up the time servers (as I did on the Rudjer Boshkovich Institute in Croatia - presently keeping 4 servers, the fifth went down with disk failure recently, will be substituted soon).
It is worth mentioning that much of the scientific community uses Linuces (and some other Unices), most of them set up to synchronise with the ntp pool. On my servers I noticed e.g. some EGI servers, clusters, different accademic and national mail and web servers, and a lot of individual academic computers.
Having a time server can be interesting from the scientific point of view, and most scientific institutions have open internet. The machines work all the time anyway always, most of them idling most of the time (even in reasonably big clusters, because scientific loads are exploration timed). All such institutions have a reasonable amount of fixed IPv4 addresses, including reserves!
There should be no administrative barrier to provide public service from the academic networks, as they are financed just to do that anyway!
A public time-server installation can also be for promotional purposes of the institution.

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