DCF77 RS-232 receiver for free

Hi all,

I have bought an DCF77 receiver in the past,

It’s an Expert Mouse Clock RS-232 runs with NTP SERVER Mode 14

The problem is that I’m too far away from Frankfurth to get a decend stable signal.

If you are more near, it will probably work better.

I offer this device for free, you only need to pay the shipping-costs, 10 euro or less.

I have no use for it, the signal is too weak and the device has no external antenna connector.

Let me know if you want it, but be near the signal, say 500km from Frankfurth or less.

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I’m interested and live within 400km of Frankfurt (as the crow flies). The device appears to be supported in Linux. But I have an old Windows machine that I could re-purpose, if needed.

Send me your details via private message and I will ship it to you.

You can pay the shipping to me AFTER you receive the device.

It does work here in Belgium, but the signal is very weak and most decoding fails because of that.

We require an external antenna connection, but the device doesn’t have that.

So I opted for GPS PPS instead.

You must have a good signal, else it will not decode properly.

Thanks! I’ll check it out. If I cannot get it to work reliably, I’ll pass it on under the same conditions.

If that is the case afterwards, I would be interested since I live close to Frankfurt.

I’m waiting if the first person wants to have it, he’s further away then I am.

If he doesn’t, then I contact you Knot3n.

As at your place it will work.

Please give me your details via private-message and I will post it tommorow.

Penguinpee declined as he’s the same large distance as I am, so it won’t work properly.
I’m near Eindhoven, that is too far away for this module with internal ferrite-antenna.

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