Converting throughput to NTP requests?

Does anyone have a rough idea on how to convert throughput to NTP requests per second,… in other words, if my throughput on my NTP server were 75 mbs how many NTP client requests per second or minute does that translate to… approximately?

Assuming Ethernet physical interface:
12 Interframe gap (can be smaller)
8 preamble
14 Ethernet header
20 IPv4 header (40 octets for IPv6 header)
8 UDP header
48 NTP packet
4 Ethernet CRC

total size = 114 octets = 912 bits

75000000 bps / 912 bits = 82,236 IPv4 NTPs/sec

YIKES, thats a lot more than I thought it would turn out to be… 82,000 per second?
BTW, thanks for contributing your “sweat equity” to help answering this question.

Bwm-ng can take a pcap filter as far as I can recall. So just tell it source and/or port 123 or what have you.

Nymphy Noel