Uncommon load question: many packets from one IP


I’m running a server in the pool, and it’s mostly a quiet place. But 3 to 4 days ago I started getting a coinsiderably high amount of requests from one host:

18:39:39.642792 IP (tos 0x10, ttl 59, id 33756, offset 0, flags [DF], proto UDP (17), length 76) > [udp sum ok] NTPv4, length 48
        Client, Leap indicator:  (0), Stratum 0 (unspecified), poll 0 (1s), precision 0
        Root Delay: 0.000000, Root dispersion: 0.000000, Reference-ID: (unspec)
          Reference Timestamp:  0.000000000
          Originator Timestamp: 0.000000000
          Receive Timestamp:    0.000000000
          Transmit Timestamp:   2550007514.202855142 (1980/10/22 02:25:14)
            Originator - Receive Timestamp:  0.000000000
            Originator - Transmit Timestamp: 2550007514.202855142 (1980/10/22 02:25:14)

The hosts sends ~4k packets per sec at me. I’m not sure it expects any answer. At least my server is not sending any.

Just wanted to understand what can I do in this situation. Is it common? Is it ok to contact abuse email from whois data?

Thanks in advance.

May be your NTP server encountered a FortiGate firewall, or some other simmilarly buggy NTP client?

Oh wow, I’ll try to reach admin in case they can upgrade or fix it.

See the details I posted.

This is probably a different broken client. It looks like systemd-timesyncd. It has a bug causing requests to be sent in an infinite loop. The rate depends on the hardware. On my servers I see this every few weeks.

You can confirm it’s timesyncd by looking at the sequence of its transmit timestamps in the tcpdump output. If you see the fractional part wrapping around 232 milliseconds like here, it is timesyncd.

	  Transmit Timestamp:   2546502342.231471647 (1980-09-11T09:45:42Z)
	  Transmit Timestamp:   2546502342.231726637 (1980-09-11T09:45:42Z)
	  Transmit Timestamp:   2546502342.231996596 (1980-09-11T09:45:42Z)
	  Transmit Timestamp:   2546502342.232252255 (1980-09-11T09:45:42Z)
	  Transmit Timestamp:   2546502342.232516713 (1980-09-11T09:45:42Z)
	  Transmit Timestamp:   2546502343.000168547 (1980-09-11T09:45:43Z)
	  Transmit Timestamp:   2546502343.000427553 (1980-09-11T09:45:43Z)
	  Transmit Timestamp:   2546502343.000676752 (1980-09-11T09:45:43Z)
	  Transmit Timestamp:   2546502343.000940676 (1980-09-11T09:45:43Z)
	  Transmit Timestamp:   2546502343.001201613 (1980-09-11T09:45:43Z)
          Transmit Timestamp:   2550018890.232773597 (1980/10/22 05:34:50)
          Transmit Timestamp:   2550018891.000000237 (1980/10/22 05:34:51)

Oh, that looks close.

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