Problems with OVH?

I have NTP servers on Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure.
Over time the monitoring station has rarely reported packet loss issues on the Azure server.
The server maintained at Digital Ocean has also demonstrated good results over several months, but they still face many network problems with a frequency that I consider elevated to industry availability standards. I’ve also had a problem with my Digital Ocean server in the past due to the very overloaded hosts, causing high CPU Steal rates and consequently loss of NTP requests. I had to provision my VPS several times until I found a minimally decent host to maintain an NTP server at a low cost.
I’ve tried adding a Google Cloud NTP server to the Pool, but the results were disastrous (for some reason the server remained stable until it started to stop working properly and was removed from the Pool, probably some security mechanism in the GCP network).

The Microsoft and Google clouds don’t seem to be popular choices for pool servers. In my data I see only 14 and 3 servers in their ASNs respectively:

    Autonomous system              Servers	Bad 	Ok  	Good	Excellent
    GOOGLE                            3 	 33%	  0%	  0%	 67%	
    MICROSOFT                        14 	 64%	  0%	  0%	 36%	

All those “bad” servers have a constant score of -100. I guess that means they were disabled recently, before the pool monitoring schedules them for deletion. Maybe I should count such servers separately.