Holes in the CSV log

Apologies I didn’t get to this sooner where it might have been more relevant.

The JSON API was really just meant to power the graphs, hence it shows a bit different data (and the CSV logs more as “logs”, I suppose).

You can get your server ID next to the CSV link on the scores page and then query the full data set in Google BigQuery:

  EXTRACT(year from ts),
  EXTRACT(month from ts),
from ntppool.ntppool.log_scores
where server_id = 57259
  group by 1,2
  order by 1,2;

To include data from before 2020, use

from `ntppool.ntppool.log_scores*`

(I can’t figure out how to link to a working example; I think opening the “console” from that link and then clicking “create sql query” and using the example above might work).