Difficulty contacting NTP Pool staff


Hello, and thanks to discobot for the warm welcome.

A few months ago I decided to do my civic duty and joining the pool with my own cluster. The reason I chose to join was because I noticed there are only 3 or 4 time servers in my country (Thailand). I also added a server in Singapore and another in the UK. All well and good.

Unfortunately I’ve been trying to contact staff for a few months over some tech issues. For example, my SG server is listed as a north America server, even though the IP is Singapore. Obviously this is a problem for latency. I’m also having some strange tech issue getting the Thailand server operational.

One more thing, I also asked for a vendor zone as I run an IT consultancy and we’re planning to deploy a lot of devices. However, my vendor zone application has been pending for months and no one seems to answer my ‘nudge’ emails.

Are there any staff reading these forums? Please help me with my desire to be a good netizen and provide reliable time services to strangers.




I saw recently @iocc changed some pool servers for people so maybe he has administrator abilities?

Otherwise there is the email for ask at: ask@develooper.com

Usually they are pretty responsive, I guess they must have other things going on at the moment.


I am the OP in this topic but I’ve had to sign up now because my account appears to be banned. I’ve no idea what the hell I did wrong. To be honest, after months of trying to contact someone at the pool, and after reaching out on this forum only to be blocked, it really makes me question whether I should be donating my time and resources.


ask@develooper.com is Ask’s personal email, it’s better to use ask@ntppool.org.


That was the first email I tried but nothing ever came back.


Similarly I’ve contacted Ask a few times, most recently offering VPSs which can do anycast for DNS. I guess it’s just really busy times.


Hi, staff are reading but are a bit busy.
Whats your SG server so can I change it?


Hostname is sg.time.shaw.co.th


Ok, changed to asia th. Sorry for the delay.
I’ll look into the vendor zone application aswell.


OK thanks for that. Please note however that the mentioned server is in Singapore, not Thailand. I’m still putting together my Thailand cluster.


About vendor zone application: Its only ask that can add a vendor zone.