Deleted server and incoming traffic

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My personal ntp server at home is keeping receiving a lot of UDP 123 NTP requests from random IPs, i’ve deleted it from the system because i’m participating of a group that have interest in have a NTP server in our headquarters, but we have a problem: we just can have acces to internet with 3G or 4G operators, because is cheap for us and we dont use a lot, this manner of connect to internet consists in a package what is limited by a monthly quota, when participating the pool the data traffic can easily go more than 1GB / day! And now i’m getting after 8 hours almost 100MB of UDP 123 traffic here, i think this is because my personal IP is in DNS system yet, dont?

-> Why the server in 3G / 4G is related to my IP? With 3G / 4G we cant access NTP externaly because we have a lot of NAT layers that only operator have acces, so to server work i’ve done a SSH tunnel from the headquarters to my router, this tunnel have a TCP traffic loading NTP packets. The NTP packets are converted to TCP in server side and in my router, backed to UDP packets. It is working great because for now i’m not with this server in our headquarters, jus in home yet for testing.



Ongoing traffic after deleting a server is normal and should be expected. The following is stated very clearly on the join page, and referenced again on the manage / add server page:

Finally, I must emphasize that joining the pool is a long term commitment . We are happy to take you out of the pool again if your circumstances change, but because of how the ntp clients operate it will take weeks, months or even YEARS before the traffic completely goes away .

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Just close your incoming port and it’s over.