CN pool high traffic (again)


I am experiencing over 200GiB/h traffic and effectively over 40TiB/mon traffic from my cn zone server. It seems that a lot of servers were kicked out again.

After looking into some I couldn’t really figure out the issue. Could you please help me understand the graphs?

All active monitors score 20 but the current score is still 1.3
Chinese national time service center, always at very low score

There seems to be a bug in the scoring system that seems to cause this, see e.g. this or this thread, but it is appearing in others as well.

Might be that that server is being hammered due to being one of a few in the CN zone or in China as such, might be that it has somewhat suboptimal connectivity in general, or that the Great Firewall is impacting traffic from monitors outside China towards that server.

This isn’t right…

Same happened to Israel…the score went down when most monitors gave it 20 or near it.

@ask !!! Dude something is wrong.

Good servers get bad scores. Either your calculation is wrong or somebody is injecting rubbish.
Whatever it is, it’s going wrong.

Seeing the exact same behavior in the India/Asia zone. Every single one of my India servers got booted.
Some of my US servers are also experiencing large score drops in comparison to monitor score, but not to as bad of an extent as Asia.
@ask 911 emergency help

My server in ShenZhen suffered a ddos attack this morning and was traffic cleaned, I see the log traffic reached 300Mbps (a bit of a stretch for me) Orz

Well whatever it was, my servers seem to be scoring correctly now.

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