Next big Project, after getting China somewhat stable?

Hehe, just had the same thought.
Any data how many clients uses the “in” zone ?

Unlike China, it is rather easy to setup servers inside India, like @jpp did last year. But the cost (due to extra high throughput) will be a problem.

Can you please add https://www.ntppool.org/scores/ to the in pool ?

Update for all: Honestly, india is a pretty easy zone. I see around 3Mbit/s of traffic. Of course with strong peaks on full and half hours(around 10x traffic), but other than that, it is pretty smooth sailing.

What surprised me, is the amount of v6 Traffic. Around 1/3 of the traffic is v6 from my short analysis, which is quiet a lot for only beeing enabled on one subdomain

According to Akamai, India is so far the most ipv6 enabled country, for more than 60%. Given its low overall server count and heavy usage, I guess we should enable AAAA reply for all subdomains inside India.

Sure, added to IN pool.

Thank you iocc :slight_smile:
I have just added the ipv6 address of the same server to the pool which have currently a score of -5
Would be nice if you can remove it from FR and add it to IN too.


Thanks in advance.

You can put mines too, if you wish/need.

Please add to IN(India) CN(China) pool

Ok, removed FR and add to IN.

Sure if you give me the link to what server.

Added to INdia and ChiNa.

Oups, I thought you could easily access my profile:

You can add all four.

Edit: no URLs when you reply by email ? https://www.ntppool.org/user/cjg7hr7bn4739ubhnzjih

Its not obvious what servers that belong to you.
All four added to india.

Dam, what a sudden surge! More than 4 MB/s of traffic overall. But that’s ok for me.

Edit: Hum, 22 k pps seems to be a little bit too much for one server to cope, but I will see.

Hi @iocc
You can add tick.ntp.infomaniak.ch to the india or china zone if it can help us.
Though I would appreciate if it remained in the CH zone too.

The server has got a dual 1Gbit/s connection.

after some time the ipv6 stats are getting better it would be nice to add this server to IN (ipv4 from the same server is from beginning ~20.0)

please add https://www.ntppool.org/scores/2a01:4f8:c2c:47dc::1 to IN and remove from DE :slight_smile:

Can you please add the below IPv6 server to the India pool. If indeed India is having more IPv6 traffic, this would help since otherwise jp/asia traffic is almost negligible.

I will make the IPv4 request to add later - since I am having monitoring server issues(Newark) there - and still checking how to improve the score there.


Hi @execve. have added that server to IN.

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