Oups, I thought you could easily access my profile:

You can add all four.

Edit: no URLs when you reply by email ? https://www.ntppool.org/user/cjg7hr7bn4739ubhnzjih

Its not obvious what servers that belong to you.
All four added to india.

Dam, what a sudden surge! More than 4 MB/s of traffic overall. But that’s ok for me.

Edit: Hum, 22 k pps seems to be a little bit too much for one server to cope, but I will see.

Hi @iocc
You can add tick.ntp.infomaniak.ch to the india or china zone if it can help us.
Though I would appreciate if it remained in the CH zone too.

The server has got a dual 1Gbit/s connection.

after some time the ipv6 stats are getting better it would be nice to add this server to IN (ipv4 from the same server is from beginning ~20.0)

please add https://www.ntppool.org/scores/2a01:4f8:c2c:47dc::1 to IN and remove from DE :slight_smile:

Can you please add the below IPv6 server to the India pool. If indeed India is having more IPv6 traffic, this would help since otherwise jp/asia traffic is almost negligible.

I will make the IPv4 request to add later - since I am having monitoring server issues(Newark) there - and still checking how to improve the score there.


Hi @execve. have added that server to IN.

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Hi @frank,
Your server tick.ntp.infomaniak.ch does not seem to be in the IN or CN zone yet: https://www.ntppool.org/user/cp8t2gudho2eojnkjni

I am synchronizing my servers to yours if you do not mind (delay 3 msec only over IPv6):

Hi @NTPman,
No problem,
(PS: If you’re around Geneva/Plainpalais we should grab a beer someday)

Sorry this request got missed. Frank, what NTP software are you running if you don’t mind me asking? I’m hesitant to add your server to the China zone with it currently showing 2Gb setting (not sure how that happened as I thought 1Gb was the highest setting, I messaged @Ask about it). While the bandwidth shouldn’t be an issue, the queries per second can overload some NTP packages and start causing dropped packets.

EDIT - I just added 2001:1600:4:1::f to India as it is currently @ 1Gb setting and India needs IPv6 servers.

Both servers are actually running chrony 3.4.
As for the 2Gbit/s, it’s actually a little hack (no user input validation).

Okay, well I just added to the China zone. If the score stays stable then tomorrow I’ll add 2001:1600:4:1::123 too.

So, after adding the v4 (2Gbit) to the cn zone and the v6 (1Gbit) to the in zone, the average traffic went from 0.8Mbit/s to 42Mbit/s (~27k NTP req/s). Apart from that, all is good on our end :wink:

You can add the others if you need


Do you want me to add “tock” IPs to CN, or only “tick IPs”?

You can add both servers; that’d be great

Okay, I just added tock’s v4 & v6 addresses to CN (along with the existing tick’s), and tick’s 2nd v6 is set to IN.

Thanks for the help! If there are any issues with the traffic, feel free to reply to this thread and we can make whatever changes you would like.

@iocc https://www.ntppool.org/scores/ and https://www.ntppool.org/scores/2607:fcd0:100:4600::9:f620 is/are paid for a year and you can place it in the india zone if they need the help. That VPS is in Las Angeles. It’s another native Gentoo VPS I sprung up on KVM with a tsc clocksource. I chose skysilk this time. It’ll dish a teribyte a month. I’m not sure if it’s both up and down or combined. Right now there aren’t any iptables rules but I’ll add the dont track rules eventually.

If you guys think more IPv6 servers will cover India well then I’ll spring up one of the $2.50 ipv6 only instances on vultr for a year or two. What do you think? It won’t cure the illness but it’ll take load off of those dual stack servers out there.

Once they reach a good score I’ll add them to IN (probably tomorrow morning).

I honestly don’t know what the bandwidth usage is for v4 & v6 for india… @mlichvar do you have any numbers?

We could always shift other servers to help out India, but the goal (for all zones) is to get geographically local servers for each country whenever possible.

@littlejason99 Here is another virgin I just paid a year for. It’s running debian 9/xen with a xen clocksource and a TB of transfer. It’s in North Carolina. You can place it in india in the morning: https://www.ntppool.org/scores/

It showed .0003 offset from logiplex.net in New Jersey.